亚博下载Step by step guide to quit smoking and getting healthier

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亚博下载Step by step guide to quit smoking and getting healthier

If you have decided to quit smoking … Congratulations,y你做了正确的决定!

However,quitting smoking is harder than just taking a decision.70% of the smokers who want to quit smoking never manage to do so.And those who quit can take upto 8 attempts to finally be able to become smoke-free.

Taking the decision to stop smoking is a great first 亚博下载step!

But if you haven't yet decided to quitting smoking,这篇文章将帮助你消除疑虑。

I have written this article to take you through 亚博下载step by step process of how to quit smoking.This article will provide you tons of resources and reading material (in links) to help you with your smoking cessation,理解nicotine withdrawal,why Nicorette gum and nicotine patch don't work,等。

If you like this article,please share it with friends and followers because this information might be useful to many who want to quit but don't know how.No shame in helping others!

1。Don't buy in bulk

作为第一步也是最简单的一步,亚博下载next time you buy a cigarette,do not buy them in bulk.Buy them in the smallest quantity available.也许如果你有一个抽烟的朋友,ask them if you could buy one cigarette at a time from them.

2。Write what you like about smoking

写下你开始吸烟的原因,why you continue to smoke and what you like about smoking.Understanding and analyzing why you smoked in the first place will help you become determined in your progress.

现在,write down what you hate about smoking and how is it impacting you and your family.Write down as honestly as possible about all the harmful effects smoking has on you.

When you write down things that you like and don't like about smoking,你会意识到不喜欢胜过喜欢。这将有助于使你更加理性和坚定。

3.Write down your reason to quit smoking

Among the list of things that you dislike about smoking,what is the biggest concern for you?是什么驱使你戒烟吗?为你的决定找出一个主要的原因可能比列出几个你两周内不关心的原因要强大得多。

For some it could be that their daughter or son doesn't feel comfortable when they smoke.For others,it might be that they have severe breathing problem that they want to improve.It might be that you are on limited budget and want to save money by quitting smoking.

Whatever be your reason,write it down and be aware of this reason all the time.


当你吸烟时,回想一下你的习惯和情况。What will be the challenges in quitting?

可能是你的办公室同事会坚持让你在休息时给他们公司。你可能更沉迷于在咖啡里抽支烟,或者清晨。Or you might not be able to control smoking while drinking.It might be difficult to say no to your friends when they offer a smoke.

In an honest manner,write down all such situations when you might get more craving to smoke and will find it difficult to resist.

5.What to do when the craving hits you




Plan exactly what you will do in each situation so that you don't have to think too much about smoking.This 亚博下载step is very crucial and shouldn't be taken lightly.Not knowing what to do when you are craving for a cigarette will quickly rebound you into relapse.


At least yours!And others who indirectly smoke with you.

一旦你意识到吸烟对自己造成的伤害,you should be thankful that you are quitting.你应该戒掉这个危险的习惯,真的认为自己是个英雄。

Be clear in your mind that you will be much healthier and energetic once you quit smoking.It will lead to more confidence,自尊和长寿。

7.Read 'Easy Way to Stop Smoking'

艾伦·卡尔的这本书has been a holy grail for smoking cessation and helps you in quitting smoking effectively.

Allen Carr has been a long time chain smoker who quit smoking and is now helping others to do the same.Over years,他帮助许多名人戒烟,开始健康的生活。

8.Don't feel deprived at any time

On the other hand,quitting smoking is something you should have done years ago.Don't feel that you are really giving up anything by not smoking anymore.

Gaining confidence in a key here.Remind yourself of all the difficult challenges that you have overcome.

告诉你自己,戒烟不会让你失去任何东西。If you stop depriving or thinking about having a smoke,your journey will be much easier.


Decide on a date to quit smoking.Never make the mistake of stopping to smoke on the same day as you took decision.常常,半生不熟的决定执行得不好。花点时间为重大变革做好计划,一旦确定的日期到来,完全停止吸烟的想法。



随着最后一天的到来,light your last cigarette and take a vow to never hold another cigarette in your hands,不管发生什么事。从那天起,you will stop thinking about the moments you smoked.

你做了这个决定,要高兴。Do not quit smoking in a bad mood.At any point of your quitting journey,你不应该对不吸烟感到难过或怀疑。

This is a very critical part and will determine how long you will have to push yourself to avoid smoking.你对自己的决定越高兴,戒烟的时间越短,越容易。


绝对没有紧急库存!扔掉(或赠送)所有可能把你拉回吸烟状态的东西,比如烟灰缸,打火机,等。By throwing away these things,你意味着你将不再使用它们,不再需要它们。

这是摆脱你不再需要的东西的象征性变化,因为你现在已经戒烟了。Now it's time to prepare yourself for the change.

12.Understand nicotine withdrawal

Understand how the nicotine withdrawal from your body will act just minutes after you smoked your last cigarette.

20分钟后,your heart rate and blood pressure will stabilize.However,the nicotine withdrawal can be不舒适的and cause anxiety,depression,噩梦,或者头痛。It can be also slow sometimes but understand that it is a one time thing and as a non-smoker,你再也不会体验到它了。

12小时内,Carbon Monoxide in your blood will drop to normal level,oxygen level will increase and you will feel great.

Within 2-3 weeks,你的肺功能和血液循环将得到改善,你将开始感到精力充沛和健康。


衡量你戒烟成功与否的另一个象征性姿态是,把你原本用来买香烟的钱放在一个盒子里。If a pack of cigarette costs $10 that you would smoke in 2 days,把钱放进盒子里。两个月后打开盒子,祝贺你…you have saved $300 in just 2 months.

14.Write the good things happening to you

Write down every positive change that you have been feeling since you quit smoking.This might take a week or two in some cases but associating good things to your change process will help you overcome any doubts.

Are you feeling stronger and more energetic?你觉得没那么疲劳了吗?Has your reflexes improved?食物味道更好吗?Do you smell better than before?Can you climb more stairs now?


One of the worst mistakes people do during their smoke cessation program is to stop going out with friends.或者不与同事一起休息以避免吸烟。

We suggest you to continue going out with friends and taking breaks with colleagues.But instead of smoking,喝杯咖啡或饮料放松自己。If you associate drinking with smoking,try drinking non-alcoholic drinks which are more refreshing.

Instead of feeling bad for not smoking,tell friends that you have quit smoking and you enjoy being a non-smoker.他们会理解的。


加入你身边的社区,这可能会鼓励你在戒烟的过程中进步。You will learn a lot by listening to mistakes that others made and their success stories.

There are so many名人and well-known people who have quit smoking在过去。If they can stop smoking,you can do it too.听听他们所说的关于他们的经历,以及他们如何通过简单地戒烟来改变自己。

17.Tell everyone how you feel

让你的家人和朋友的每个人都知道你已经戒烟了,在此过程中需要他们的支持。告诉他们你戒烟后的感觉有多好。Form a support group around you that would help you complete your journey.

18.Reflect upon your progress

Every week reflect upon the main reason why you wanted to quit smoking and the progress you've made.Do you see yourself happy about the reason to quit smoking?不断提醒自己,为什么你想辞职,而且你离成功更近了。

Clearly write down if you felt like smoking in any situation and how would you ensure you don't give up the next time.


Many people think that they are allowed to smoke once in awhile during their smoke riddance process.他们认为仅仅吸一口烟不会让他们再次开始吸烟。But they are so wrong!

即使是一口烟,你的意志力也会决定你是否会成功戒烟。Once you smoke a cigarette during your quitting process,你很可能在一周内再次开始吸烟。

20.Nicotine patch and replacements are useless

Many companies,health blogs,websites and experts will tell you that nicotine patches and gums are the first and most effective way of quitting smoking.But it's not!

吸烟难戒烟的原因不是因为吸烟,但是尼古丁对人体的影响。通过使用置换和替代品,you are still consuming nicotine but in different forms which makes it equally hard to give up.

像尼科莱特口香糖和贴片这样的替代品会给你一个尼古丁的修复,你仍然会依赖这些修复。You might reduce smoking temporarily.但是你没有找到替代品的那一天,你马上就要回去抽烟了。

Therefore,the most effective way of quitting smoking is to just quit nicotine intake in any form.


Herbal tea helps in detoxing your body and reducing stress during nicotine withdrawal.Some may feel a similar kind of relief from herbal tea as they get from smoking a cigarette.经常喝花草茶有很多好处,而不仅仅是代替香烟,而且可以帮助你更快地恢复。

22.Find a new activity

First few days of your journey can be challenging and depressing also.Therefore,你可能已经计划开始一项新的活动来帮助你不去想吸烟。When you change your activity routine,you are less likely to think about previous routine which included smoking.

Start your day with a light jog around your neighbourhood and drink a lot of water.During office breaks, play a game of table tennis or solitaire or just take a walk.得到Atreadmill deskto be more active at work.这会减少你考虑吸烟的时间。

如果你有晚上在电视前抽烟的习惯,try switching to a better snack like peanuts,sugar-free gums,cashew nuts,等。


23.Live Healthy

When you stop smoking,you will realize that you now have extra energy in your body and you feel less fatigued.每天多做运动,使自己更健康。

把你的空间填满positive things,at home and at work.Exercise regularly.E现在你的味蕾恢复正常了,在干净健康的食物上。Walk more and everywhere,you have more stamina now.


Reward yourself as every day passes by without smoking.庆祝一周,Two-Week,One-Month,One-year Nicotine Free anniversaries.Remember the tons of money you had saved in a jar?Go out and splurge on yourself.对你的成就感到满意,这是你应得的。

25.No going back

记住,你要说服自己,你不能以任何代价失败,一旦你决定戒烟,就不会再回头了。Smoking cessation is not easy and if you attempt several times,你每次都要经历同样的困难。

26.Try other methods

如果你第一次放弃你的计划,record where you went wrong and how would you make sure you don't give up the next time.尝试其他戒烟方法,比如行为疗法,acupressure,或针灸。


SmokefreeTXTis a mobile text messaging service designed for adults and young adults across the United States who are trying to quit smoking.The program was created to provide 24/7 encouragement,advice,以及帮助吸烟者戒烟和戒烟的建议。

28。Download QuitNow!

QuitNow!is an android app community of over two million people who have managed to quit smoking thanks to their will,and by receiving and giving help and encouraging messages using Quit Now!

29。Smoking Cessation Aids

If you are having a lot of trouble controlling your cravings,there might be可以帮助你的药物.We do not recommend or suggest using aids for nicotine replacement or as supplements.在没有事先咨询医生的情况下,不要服用这些药物。We're listing this for informational purpose only.

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